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It's 2016, and the Spring Newsletter is here

In two parts:

Pages 1 - 3 Spring 2016 newsletter
Page 4 Spring 2016 newsletter


Annual meeting for 2016 is Monday, March 28, 2016, at 7 p. m.  Hillcrest Church, 3000 South Race.

More info: call 303-993-8502.

What House District are we in?

State house district, that is, for Colorado state legislature?  We're still in Congressional District 1 at the Federal level. 

And the answer is . . . we have been moved, due to redestricting, to House District 2.  Mark Ferrandino is our representative.

We are now in precinct 248.  

As of January 6, 2012, the city has ended the messy division of the neighborhood into precincts 330 and 331.  The boundaries of precinct 248 now exactly equal that of the boundaries of the Cherry Hills Vista (CHV) neighborhood.  Everyone in the CHV neighborhood, and only those in the CHV neighborhood, is in precinct 248.  

We need 
Block Captains 

This is someone who generally knows the people on their block and their contact information.  They would distribute neighborhood news as well as possible.  We also need newsletter deliverers.  For more information click on the "Volunteers Needed" tab above.   

If you can volunteer, contact:

George Gramer -- 303-993-8502

OR Nancy Flanagan 


Protect Your Pets from Coyotes

Read this notice from the Colorado Division of Wildlife.   


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3 - 1 - 1

Due to Denver's ongoing serious budget crisis, the hours of operation of 3 - 1 - 1 have been cut back effective August 31, 2009.  The new hours are:

Monday through Friday: 7 a. m. - 8 p. m.
Saturday and Sunday:   8 a. m. - 5 p. m.

Crime alert . . . 

Please lock your doors, keep your outside lights on from dusk until dawn, and keep your eyes open.  If you see anything out of the ordinary, please call District 3 at 720.913.1300 or 911.

One more time: you know the emergency number: 
9 - 1 - 1.  

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Want to be on our e-mail list?  Be up to date on neighborhood meetings, happenings, and alerts!  Send your e-mail address to George Gramer at this address:

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Citizen Emergency Response Training is now available!  Find out more at:

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Our neighborhood is located in Denver, Colorado, U. S. A., near Denver University and Slavens School. It is that area of Denver bounded on the north by Yale, on the south by Dartmouth, in the west by Franklin, and in the east by University Blvd.  There is a small patch of the city of Englewood in the southeast corner of this area that is not part of this neighborhood (unless they want to be), which includes a business, a church, and a few houses near Dartmouth and University.  

Everyone in the neighborhood, or other local people interested in neighborhood affairs, is invited to join.

We are soliciting ideas as to what to post on the web site and ideas about encouraging neighborhood members to take a look at it. 

Want to Help Us Out?  Send us $10.

Dues to join the Cherry Hills Vista Community Association (which is open to all residents) are $10 per year.  Dues are basically just a donation.  We don't send out renewal notices, we just sort of pass the hat every now and then.  We just aren't that big of an organization.  But we DO appreciate all the help we can get.

You can send that $10 to our treasurer, Sue Mulhern, 2820 S. High St., Denver, CO 80210.  Make checks payable to "CHVCA" or "Cherry Hills Vista Community Association."   

We are on Facebook.
Check us out!

Also, a complete report of the survey results from surveys circulated last September are posted here.  

Our President, George Gramer, reports on the recent crime summit here.  

Watch out for vandals in our neighborhood, there have been several incidents over the past few months.

Also, watch out for coyotes and foxes -- there have been reports of coyotes attacking pets in the neighborhood.  Your web coordinator has personally observed a fox in his back yard.

We have curbside recyclingRead all about it.  You don't need to take it to "them," they will come to you.  

Household hazardous waste?  Don't toss paint, batteries, pesticides, solvents, and motor oil into the trash!  Call for a free pickup of your hazardous waste.

Fireworks are illegal in Denver!

Every year, numerous complaints, injuries, and fires are associated with the unlawful use of fireworks in Denver.  This year, with the unusually hot and dry weather, it's even more dangerous. 

If you have to light or ignite, itís illegal!!!

Report suspicious people or vehicles to the Police Department

Non-emergency: 720-913-2000

Emergency: 9-1-1

Download the Flyer (PDF) here

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